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watch watch film

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Specifications: HD black border

1. The hardness of the base material is very large, which is already the limit value of the bending hardness. If the hardness is increased, the base material may burst.
2. The smoothness of the substrate is very good, the hand feels good, it is not easy to get dirty, the water drop angle is large, and the anti-fog performance is good.
3. AB glue is good for exhaust and sticking. It can be pasted repeatedly. During the repeated pasting process, the AB glue will not be white foggy, and it is not easy to produce creases and creases.
4. There will be no glue marks in the process of AB glue sticking. The wave pattern left by the glue is easy to tear off. The AB glue that is either stuck or cannot be peeled off will cause the risk of pulling out the cover.
5. The product also has the characteristics of strong fault tolerance, a little bit of deviation can not satisfy the white edge, no bubbles, no rebound and other functional problems.
6. The touch of the product is also very good, no scratching, it is CNC chamfering process, which is better than ordinary die cutting 手表膜 手表膜 手表膜

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