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Ultra49MM Watch Tempered Case

Ultra49MM Watch Tempered Case

Giá thông thường $12.00 SGD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $12.00 SGD
Giảm giá Restocking in Progress!
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Appearance Size

Product information:
Color: titanium [second to Ultra], white【 second to Ultra], Black [second to Ultra], rose gold [second to Ultra], midnight blue [second to Ultra]], starlight [second to Ultra], silver [second to Ultra], original machine black [second to Ultra], original machine Red [second to Ultra]]
Material: PC tempered film
Appearance size: 45MM,41MM,44MM,40MM

Packing list:
Watch protective case * 1

Note:Non-Apple brand products,Applicable to Apple Watch models.

Product Image:

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