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J Style T12 Smart Sonic Toothbrush

J Style T12 Smart Sonic Toothbrush

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Product Description


Certificated IPX7 Waterproof Rechargeable Electrical Toothbrush Automatic Adult Electric Ultrasonic Toothbrush

J-Style Smart Toothbrush with Excellent Cleaning Performance, Whitening your teeth!
Professional IOS and Android app support,BLE 4.0 technology.
Ultrasonic technology of different vibration frequency exchange for different effect.
Significantly ease bleeding gums, effectively remove plaque and whiten your teeth dramatically
Give you a smart and healthy habit!



Brush Area Detecting Technology Of Smart Bluetooth Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

• Tracks where you've brushed, highlights where you haven't
• Start taking better care of your problem areas
• Takes you back to any missed spots for 100% coverage

• Record brush frequency and time

Specification of Smart Bluetooth Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

Product Name
Smart Bluetooth Sonic Electrical Toothbrush (J-Style T12)
TeethCare (connect by BLE4.0)
App Customization Available
Ultrasonic Technology of Different Vibration Frenquency Exchange for Different Effect
Key Components
Five Working Modes, Waterproof IPX7 Wireless Charger
Bristel Material
32 Clusters Dupont  Antibacterial Bristle of
Diameter 0.15 - 0.12mm
ToothBrush Head Changeable
Handle Material
Main body material: PC+ABS+UV Painting
3.7V ,800mAH rechargeable Lithium battery
Charge cut-off Voltage:4.2V
Discharge cut-off Voltage:2.75V
Full battery use
about 1 month (if use 4 minutes everyday) 
Charging time
above 8 hours
Main device : 27.8*27.8*248.6mm
Charging base: 65.6*65.6*26.3mm

Functions and Features of Smart Bluetooth Sonic Electrical Toothbrush:

Different Vibration Frequency Exchange for Different Effect.

allows users to tailor their brushing experience to their own needs as well as their dental professional's advice.

The Brush Modes Range From:
* Clean mode: 34800 times/ min
* White mode: 33000-40000 times/ min
* Polish Mode: 35000 times/ min
* Soft mode: 33000 times/ min
* Sensitive mode: 28200 times/ min


Smart Timer Help Manage the Brushing Time and Brush Area

APP tracks your brush area, brush time, brush frequency,

wearout of the brush head and power percentage.


How to Operation APP of Smart Bluetooth Sonic Electrical Toothbrush?

1. Download the application named "TeechCare" from the Apple Store or Google Play and install into your smart phone .
2. Start using the mobile with your smart toothbrush
3. Go to " Personal Setting " to select your smart toothbrush in the searching list by click " About Device "


Distinct Brush Heads of Smart Bluetooth Sonic Electrical Toothbrush

32 clusters imported dupont antibacterial bristle of diameter 0.15 - 0.12mm

safe to clean your mouth and effectively care of the gums. 

Reminder Bristles Fade for Brush Head Replacement ,

suggest to replace the brush head each three months.

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